Monday, April 7, 2014


Louly Loon is working on an exhibition about "TIME" coming up in SL in April in East Gallery [SIM Georgiana 169,200,47]. I saw her work, her installation. It is a pitty that she will have only 30 prims to show. She told me that therefore it will be mostly in pictures. I am sure Louly Loon will get one day an offer to show the works all together for a limited time in Second Life. I spoke with her about my vision and offered her space for "TIME" in opengrid so the works are kept for eternity. She will think about it ...

Now about what you see: "THE CHICKEN MEXICAN GODESS", made by Louly Loon in her "Mexican period". I got it for the Volcano of Art and placed it next to Zeno Astronen´s window where the dog FLA sends his messages to the sky. So the chicken may "pick" to the window from time to time to remind the alien world DRON7 that we are waiting for more codes to come.

REZ/Z featured picture to download:

Enjoy a visit of the 3D world VULCANICUS and see the installation working [Map RIFT HORTH].

Saturday, March 29, 2014


REZ/Z featuring Zeno Astronen. Feel free to download pictures from the website of Zeno Astronen. For those who are familiar with the German language we recommend the article “Wie man Mathematik in Bilder fast” – an interview with the person behind the avatar Zeno Astronen. It is Dr. Josef Reinkenhof, a retired propulsion engineer, living in Heilbronn, Germany.

Josef Reinkenhof writes short stories and recodes some programms he setup in the late 70th in BASIC. His programms produce animated code of art which is sent by scientists from planet DRON7 to earth. Then as there was a coded reply from earth planet DRON7 sent the alien dog FLA to visit earth. FLA arrived on earth and heared music for the first time in his coded life. So finally you see in this youtube video FLA on the way to Bruckner concerthouse [in Linz, Austria]. One of the best rated videos I ever made. I learned out of this: just add "alien" to the title and you get the clicks ...

The alien dog FLA from DRON7 became quite known as he was presented at Apothiki art gallery, which you see in this video at timestamp 8.40 ...

REZ/Z featured picture to download:

Enjoy a visit of the 3D world VULCANICUS and see the installation working.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

REZ/Z launched

REZ/Z will offer in April 2014 a special print of "The Artefact" the way it has been published in


The predictions inside the article will be outlined by the author in this blog:

" ...."

That´s how REZ/Z works. You get the predictions posted by the author. So what is covered or hidden in the short story you get here in addition to the fiction. This way you will not miss the power of the written word.

For now as a sneak preview we have The Artefact [part 1] as plain PDF. This version is based on the original text "Das Artefakt", published in German language in Telepolis [01/2013], a leading netculture magazine.

Now our friendly greeting: In case you have misspelled REZ/Z and you are looking for Jami Mills - here is the right link: